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Continental Program Management engineer in 常熟, China

Program Management engineer



Job Description

  1. Maintain customer relation


  1. Responsible for the monthly, quarterly, annual reports, and keeping abreast of market dynamics and competitors' dynamics, making monthly reports on their respective sales areas, and updated related data for the next five years 负责销售指标的月度,季度,年度统计报表和报告的制作,编写,并随时掌握市场动态以及竞争对手动态,做好月度报告,并对未来5年计划报表进行实时更新汇总整理。

  2. Set up business plan for projects. Set and carry out targets for profit acquisition and get the approved 制定相关项目的商业计划,设定和实施利润目标,并获得批准。

  3. Make the negotiation and commercial contract of own plant and get the approval on the basis of BU price decisions, continuously track product price results, including profit, sales price and sales amount.


  1. Responsible for Project related business agreements 负责项目相关商务协议

  2. Leadership in all projects to be acquired and developed upon kick-off in Steering Committee 领导所有项目,并启动和开发

  3. Definition & allocation all resources of PM team 定义和分配项目团队的所有资源

  4. Evaluation & monitoring of quality, costs, time and development activities 评价和监测质量、成本、时间和开发

  5. Responsible for account receivable of customer. 负责跟踪客户应收款

  6. According to the production plan and market performance of customer’s, set the forecast and budget of next year 根据客户生产计划和市场表现,设定下一年预测和预算

  7. Better to Input and maintain pre-project FC to SAP ,collect and analysis related data, find the deviation reasons with sales, make the deviation analysis and control of unit selling price and margin. Also make a more reasonable price and margin. 做好项目前期预测的输入维护,对相关数据进行统计分析同时校对量产项目预测的合理性, 对于产品销售单价和毛利进行偏差原因分析和控制,并且制定出更加合理的价格和毛利。

  8. Acquire and follow the projects information of OEM, Maintenance and update the five years plan 获取和跟踪客户项目信息,维护和更新五年计划

  9. Budget controlling of PM team 项目团队的预算

  10. Arrange delivery of sample in SAP upon customer request, meanwhile complete reconciliation and invoicing 根据客户要求安排项目前期订单与交付,同时每月完成对账开票

  11. Complete the handover work with SCM 按照项目时间节点,完成与SCM的负责客户供应的交接工作

  12. Fulfil other tasks arranged by superiors 完成上级主管交办的其他任务

Job Requirements

  1. MS Office(Excel, Word, Powerpoint),basic SAP know-how


  1. English language, good communication and interaction.


  1. Bachelor degree , minimum 3 years related experience in a similar sales function and program management auto industry preferred.


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