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Continental Sr. Cloud Developer in Bangalore, India

Sr. Cloud Developer



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"- expertise in several backend programming languages (by preference): Java, Javascript, Scala, Python, Golang, C/C++, …

  • Strong knowledge in one or more following technology stacks:

  • Protobuf, gRPC, OpenAPI/Swagger

  • Managed services in one or more Cloud provider (AWS, GCP, Azure, …)

  • Event-Driven Architecture with one or more solutions: Kafka, NATS, Pulsar, …

  • Cloud Native applications (Docker, Kubernetes, Istio, Prometheus, ...)

  • Big Data Solutions with one or more solutions: Streaming processing with Kafka Streams or Nats Streaming, Micro-batch processing with Spark or Flink, NoSQL or Relational Databases, …)

  • Good knowhow on Linux/Mac development environment with Git source code management."

Job Requirements

"Build the future IoT services platform on connected/autonomous vehicles for worldwide and several time zones.

Cloud development in international context

DevOps culture

Agile methodology usage

"- Master/Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or Sofware Engineering

  • Great experience building out REST API and/or microservices architecture following the Twelve-Factor App methodology

  • 10 years experience in Software and Cloud development"


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Vehicle Networking and Information (VNI)