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Continental 应用工程师 in Chongqing, China




Job Description

  1. Technical interface to the customer for parameterization

  2. support and guide customer for all parameterization topics

  3. Technical clarification of application system requirements in co-ordination with Technical Project Leader(TPL) and Project Manager(PM)

  4. Prepare detailed parameterization plan for customer projects aligned with TPL and PM.

  5. Estimate parameterization efforts, costs and timing together with TPL.

  6. Supports engineering design team

  7. Performs data acquisition and algorithm calibration (Obstacle Detection, Thermal Protection, Speed Control…)

  8. Window lifter/ sunroof/ power liftgate/ door control unit parameterization intern and extern, in climate chamber and dynamic test

  9. Troubleshoot at lab test set-up and at customer vehicles

  10. Interface and communicate product technical details to customer


  1. 向客户提供标定过程相关的技术支持

  2. 指导客户完善整个标定内容课题讨论

  3. 向项目经理与项目技术主管澄清标定系统需求

  4. 负责具体标定计划与执行

  5. 对新项目进行工程评估

  6. 向其他开发团队成员提供标定相关技术支持

  7. 执行标定测试与参数调整(防夹,热保护,速度控制等等)

  8. 现场执行车窗/天窗/尾门/门控制器的标定

  9. 在客户端对整车进行故障诊断

  10. 检测,调试和维护标定工具

Job Requirements

  1. Bachelor or above degrees in electronics, communication or automotive engineering;

  2. Good oral and written communication skills of English.

  3. Accept biz trip travelling, experienced in the critical working environment is preferable.

  4. Collaborating with international cross functional teams.

  5. Good self management.


  1. 本科及以上学历,电子信息,自动化,汽车工程或相关专业

  2. 适应出差,有整车动态路试与高低温环境工作经验者为佳

  3. 良好的英语书写与口语沟通能力

  4. 有优秀的团队协作精神

  5. 能主动积极地完成工作

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