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Continental 系统架构师-车联网通讯 in Chongqing, China




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1,Analyze the system requirements and regional legal requirements; 分析系统需求和相关区域的法规需求​

2,Define the system architecture strategy in order to fulfill system requirements, functional safety, security and target costs; 定义系统架构策略,以满足系统要求、功能安全、安全性保证和目标成本要求​

3,Design the system architecture in order to be aligned with the existing generic architectures (HW/SW platform);基于现有通用平台(软硬件平台)下的系统架构设计​

4,Define internal and external interfaces for each system element;为各个系统单元定义内部和外部接口​

5,Identify the critical use-cases for the system architecture; 识别出系统架构下的关键应用场景(关键用例)​

6,Decompose the system into sub-systems (platform, modules, components), all the while establishing a bilateral traceability between system requirements and system architectural design; 讲系统架构分解为各个子系统(平台、模块、零件),并且在系统需求和系统架构设计之间,建立双向可追溯性的关系;​

7,Define the management rules for the hardware resources used by sub-systems (CPU, RAM, Flash memory); 对各个被子系统(CPU、RAM、Flash memory)所调用的硬件资源,定义管控规则;​

8,Create strategies to achieve performance related KPI requirements, as well as stability and robustness related ones; 创建系统策略,以实现相关KPI的性能要求,以及稳定性相关要求​

9,Lead the problem resolution process with in-depth analysis and debugging for root cause identification; 组织深入分析和调试,找到根本原因,以完成最终解决问题的过程​

10,Analyze and improve the robustness of the system architecture by performing System FMEA (Failure mode and effect analysis) on critical areas; 通过对关键领域的失效模型分析以分析和提高系统架构的稳定性

Job Requirements

1,Graduated in a relevant field (e.g. Electronics, Telecommunications, Computer science, Automatics, Mechatronics, Electrical Engineering); 毕业于相关领域(如电子、电信、计算机科学、自动化、机电一体化、电气工程)​

2,Minimum 5 years’ experience in product design and development; 至少5年产品设计开发经验​

3,Experience in telematics system development;有通讯系统类开发经验​

4,Good knowledge of Requirements and Architectural Engineering Tools (e.g. Doors, Rhapsody);对需求和系统工程工具(例如,Doors, Rhapsody)有较好的掌握​

5,Good electronics knowledge and modem (mobile standards) know-how, especially on 4G/5G module solution; 具有良好的电子知识和调制解调器(移动标准)的知识和掌握,特别是4G/5G模块方案;​

6,Basic programming knowledge, any of the following: 基础了解 C, C++; 有以下任一项编程技能: C, C++, ​

7,Advanced knowledge on Linux systems; 对Linux系统有预先理解​

8,Knowledge of Vehicle communication protocols (e.g. CAN, Ethernet, Flex Ray, LIN); 了解车辆通讯协议(如CAN, Ethernet, Flex Ray, LIN )​

9,Good writing, reading and speaking English skills; 良好的英文读写能力,语言表达流利​

10,Ability to lead design topics and structured problem solving; 能领导并结构化的解决设计问题​

11,Willing to travel for business / training; 可以接受出差/培训​

12,Agile Methods experience is a plus; 有敏捷开发经验者更佳

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