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Continental Business Consultant in Ciudad de México, Mexico

Business Consultant

Ciudad de México


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Achieving the highest levels of partner satisfaction, understanding the challenges that are critical to them and finding solutions, maximizing sales opportunities by understanding the vision, strategy, structure and KPIs of our partners and our Company.

To develop a business plan.


Knowledge, follow up and coordination of customer orders & product delivery (dealers attention, FC monitoring, back order review, tire assignments, warehouse changes, obsolete codes, new codes,purchase orders, direct shipments, logistics times and processes, credit liberation, sell out, price differences, promotions, shipment creation & delivery, SAP transactions.)

Create & follow up profitable business plan by knowing current situation of the customer and his market envioronment, being a solution provider as Continental representative.

Capable of prospect new viable customers and negotiate with them to increase our share of market

Visit point of sales (POS) & fleets to know their situation, understand their way to work, operations, costs, distances of units on road, and provide customer support.

Develop projects for specific customers (Special events, invesment, market study, marketing programs, etc) to increase sales

Field activities: Image monitoring, review of the display of products in the store, analysis of participation of our products, inventory review, analysis of customer and channel Sell Out, review of inventory and promotions, planning of campaigns and activations. Fleet analysis, red light analysis, scrap analysis, weighing station, performance monitoring, competitors monitoring, product recomendations.

Job Requirements


Bachelors Degree (4 year college) + Field specific Certification if needed (previous experience in tires sector)

3 to 5 years of experience working in sales (tire business knowledge)

3 to 5 years of experience negotiating with different customers/peers and situations.

High Drive

Results oriented

Customer orientation

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Marketing y Ventas