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Continental Electronics Test Engineer for Vehicle Dynamics (Iasi) in Iasi, Romania

Electronics Test Engineer for Vehicle Dynamics (Iasi)



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Hey! PSSSssst! Yeah, you! Do you feel at home when devices buzz around you? Do you enjoy the smell of fresh solder in the morning? Do you like to hack into the electronics of you freshly purchased gadget?

If YES, we have a solder iron and a dusty oscilloscope waiting for you to explore the darkest secrets of our projects’ electronics. And there are plenty of them…. because Vehicle Dynamics Business Unit provides highly advanced braking technologies for all vehicle types

As an Electronics Test Engineer in our group, you will:

• Perform module level tests on Electronic Control Units (ECUs) (Each schematic is split in functional modules that are tested individually)

• Create test specifications based on requirements in order to test the specific modules

• Create test reports/presentations based on results from tests

• Validate entire ECUs by performing specific tests (ESD, pulses)

• Create Labview automated tests

• Follow company standards regarding applicable procedures;

• Regularly report the status of your tasks to your direct manager;

• Cooperate within our international development teams and synchronize with our internal customers.

A mentor will support you to take over own responsibilities after an initial training phase which will familiarize you with our products, tools, processes and organization.

Job Requirements

You can be perfect match to our team if you:

• Are an electronics enthusiast;

• Have at least 2 years of relevant experience

• Have a bachelor degree from the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunication

• Have medium-high knowledge of electronics (analogue and digital: power supplies, microcontrollers, H bridge, sensor circuits)

• Practical experience in working with soldering/desoldering equipment, high pin count capsules, SMD components and mechanical tools is welcomed

• Have good English skills that will enable an efficient communication with our international colleagues and clients;

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Engineering, Research and Development




Autonomous Mobility and Safety (AMS)