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Continental Head of SCM in Las Colinas, Mexico

Head of SCM

Silao-Las Colinas


Job Description

• Lead the operation of the departments of materials planning, production scheduling, logistics, warehouse and traffic.

• Define production planning strategies and monitor their compliance and implementation.

• Define the inventory policy and monitor their accomplishment.

• Monitor that the SAP system operates according to their functionality.

• Lead up and administer the budget of the logistics area and ensure that it is not exceeded.

• Plan and Define the development of logistics staff.

• Prepare the forecast volumes of the plant based on the information of customers and the sales area.

• Serve as legal representative of the company in matters of foreign trade

• Represent the organization with the customers to know their requirements through the releases.

• Supervise the development of service providers to ensure compliance with the budget.

• Supervise suppliers' performance and compliance with delivery programs.

•Keep contact with customers to obtain feedback regarding their level of satisfaction.

• Supervise that shipments to customers are made according to their demands.

• Define production planning strategies and monitor their compliance and implementation.


  • To provide the relevant resources for the good performance of ISO14001:2015, ISO45001:2018, ISO50001:2018 systems.

  • To track KPIs that represent ISO 14001 / ISO45001 / ISO50001 system compliance.

  • To Support other areas in ESH procedures where they have influence.

  • To ensure that your teams know, understand, and follow ESH policies.

  • To ensure that the processes generate the expected outputs and report possible improvements

  • To ensure the integrity of external parties in regards to the local ESH procedures.

  • To ensure we have enough resources for the implementation of Enviroment, Safety, Security, Health and fire protection regulations.

  • To support analysis referent to continuos improvement of ESH procedures

  • To assure ESH procedures compliance towards material transportation, material flow and storage.


  • To improve any system of work, integrate systems efficiently through workers, machines, materials and internal procedures; delegates responsibilities

  • To not carry out your work if your work area has unsafe conditions that put your physical integrity, safety, health or the environment at risk, as well as that of your staff in charge.


  • To expand the commitment to ESH Management Systems from position to all staff you lead and offer support to all employees to achieve the goals that have been set and achieve the expected results.

  • To delegate accountability authority to ensure that ESH systems will conform to the standard, communicate their performance and incentivate the continual improvement.

  • Follow the guidelines established in the Quality System, complying with the activities, responsibilities and their scope of authority described in the procedures and instructions applicable to their processes.

  • Contribute to the compliance and monitoring of indicators applicable to your processes.

  • Report the performance and trends of your process indicators, as well as opportunities for improvement in management review and in the different monitoring boards, ensuring compliance with the action plans derived from such monitoring.

  • Manage available resources to ensure compliance with quality objectives and indicators under your responsibility.

  • Disseminate to the staff in charge the requirements, objectives, guidelines, information provided by the client.

  • Ensure that the integrity (plan and implement) of the Quality System is maintained when changes are required by applicable standards and/or customer requirements.

  • Ensure that the requirements of internal and external customers documented in the respective documents, procedures, instructions, certifications and/or specifications applicable in their processes are met.

  • Disseminate corporate quality objectives throughthe organization.

  • Establish and disseminate the objectives of the (plant) indicators of their processes.

  • Participation in the definition and ensuring the implementation of corrective and preventive actions applicable to its processes.

  • Stop boarding, station and/or line in case of detecting an anomaly, non-compliant or suspicious product, according to the applicable procedures, instructions and criteria.

  • Immediately report products or processes that do not meet the customer's requirements to ensure that the non-compliant product is not shipped to the customer and that all possible non-compliant products are identified and contained in the plant following the applicable escalation process (Jidoka, reaction plan, contingency plan).

  • Know and implement the Quality Policy.

Job Requirements

Degree in industrial engineering

8 years experience in logistic areas of the automotive industry

Processes of ERP's (SAP, ORACLE, etc.), processes of manufacture and management of inventories

Experience of five years with staff in charge

Negotiation techniques


New designs in the supply chain

Quality System based on IATF 16949 (including process-based and risk-based thinking, quality policy)

Problem Solving

Map of escalacion

Contingency plans

Area Indicators and Quality Goals

Procedures applicable to the position

Customer portals

Job Type


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