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Continental QMPP-P Engineer in Lianyungang, China

QMPP-P Engineer



Job Description

1.Check and follow the products/process validation activities of new projects before SOP

2.Organize the line readiness activities and problem solving

3.Prepare and submit PPAP documents and report to customer

4.Lead safe launch activities and release the safe launch with the project team decision

5.Support IMDS submission

6.Lead PV activities and problem solving


1.Check and follow the production/process validation activities of new projects

2.DCR meeting and lesson learn for inside and outside

3.Confirm the PV requirement and issue PV order to lab

4.Organize the line readiness activities and problem solving

5.Confirm customer critical or special characteristics and make sure transfer to process"


1.Customer PPAP requirement acquired

2.PPAP documents preparation

3.PPAP samples building

4.PPAP submission and approval


Check IMDS status in SAP, and tracking problem solved, submit IMDS to customer till get approved.


1.Customer Quality System maintenance

2.Coordinate to finish customer special requirements in


Safe launch

1.Safe launch planning and time management

2.Safe launch data collection

3.Safe launch problem review and solved

4.Lead to release safe launch"


Lead PV, Q -Problem solve with other functions if PV failure


1.Plant gauge MSA calicration plan and activities

2.Plant gauge MSA improvement"


Temporary assigned tasks

Job Requirements

  1. Bachlor degree

  2. English communication, listening, speaking, reading, writing .

  3. Mechanical and electronic engineering

  4. 3year quality working experience in Automotive ,good at quality control.(APQP, PPAP, MSA, SPC, FMEA)

  5. 3 year new projects APQP activities organize

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Autonomous Mobility and Safety (AMS)