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Continental 软件工程师(智能感知方向) in Shanghai, China


Shanghai (Asia Headquarter)


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Job Description岗位职责(中文翻译供参考,如有疑问请以英文为准):

1,Responsible for software modules/sub¬systems related to AI algorithms & features (Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, etc.) 负责与 AI 算法和功能相关的软件模块/子系统(计算机视觉、自然语言处理等)

2,Working on both on server architecture (x86+Linux) and mobile architecture (arm+Android); 同时在服务器架构(x86+Linux)和移动架构(arm+安卓)上工作;

3,Analyze, develop, maintain and communicate software development content and timing, for innovation projects and contracted projects; 分析、开发、维护和沟通软件开发内容和时间,用于前瞻性研发项目和签约项目:

4,Responsible for the integration of the developed software into virtual simulations for verification purposes as well as real test benchmark/vehicles;负责将开发的软件集成到用于验证目的的虚拟模拟中,以及真正的测试台架/车辆;

5,Participate in innovation activities, including innovation ideas generation, IP submission and technical support for related topics; 参与创新活动,包括创新创意生成、知识产权提交和相关主题的技术支持:

6,Collaborate with our international development teams and synchronize with our internal customers (business units); 与我们的国际开发团队合作,并与我们的内部客户(业务部门)同步;

7,Support internal and external exhibitions & technical events, which are related to our products/portfolios; 支持与我们的产品/产品组合相关的内部和外部展览和技术活动;

Job Requirements

1,Bachelor’s degree or above in a relevant field (Automatic Control and Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunication, Informatics, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics etc.)

2,Knowledge of AI models & algorithms (Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, etc.) will be preferred.

3,Good AI programming skills (Python & C++, TensorFlow/Torch/MXNet, etc.)

4,Knowledge of Android/Android Automotive development will be preferred.

5,Knowledge of C-V2X protocols/standards will be preferred.

6,Experience in front-end development is a plus.

7,Able to communicate in fluent English. If tech know how is very good, English requirement can be compromised.

8,Previous work experience in a relevant field.

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