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Continental Packaging Specialist 包装工程师 in Shanghai, China

Packaging Specialist 包装工程师

Shanghai (CAS Jiading Plant)


Job Description

Main Tasks 主要职责

  1. Packaging central daily management (BU VED, ADAS)

包装中央日常运作管理 (VED, ADAS 事业部)

  1. Package related system setting and maintain (e.g. SAP / e-Kanban)

包装相关的系统设置及维护 (例如,SAP / e-Kanban)

  1. Package related regular tracking (e.g. returnable package daily inventory tracking / monthly replenishment tracking, cost monthly tracking)

包装相关的定期追踪 (例如,周转包材日常追踪/每月增补跟进,包装费用每月追踪)

  1. Package related trouble shooting / coordination / continuous improvement in warehouse and production in operation phase, increase internal/external customer satisfaction

仓库、生产运作过程中包装相关的问题协调 / 解决 / 持续改进,提升内外部客户满意度

  1. Package concept development for finished goods & raw material for old families, and also for internal repacking


  1. Continuous improvement on packaging concept and cost saving, support on Hoshin projects

持续改进包装方案,降低包装成本,参与Hoshin 项目改进

  1. Building up good communication with central SCM package function


Job Requirements

Job Requirements:

Education 教育程度

  1. Bachelor degree or above, major in Packaging or Engineering


Professional Experience & skills 工作经验及技能

  1. At least 2 years relevant package or SCM experience. Automotive prefered


  1. Familiar with SAP, auto-CAD, pro-E, MS Office, etc

熟悉SAP,auto-CAD,pro-E,MS办公软件 等

  1. Active, good at communication, high sense of responsibility, teamwork, and target/result oriented


  1. Good language skill, English above CET-4, fluent in oral English


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