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Continental ECU Test Intern 测试实习生 in Shanghai Jiading Tech Center, China

ECU Test Intern 测试实习生

Shanghai Jiading Tech Center


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Job description:

 Support ABS ECU function test on the electrical lab.

 Support EMC test actives in third-part laboratory.

 Maintain EMC test record and tracking project running states.

 Maintenance and improvement of the test tools.


 协助进行ABS产品功能台架验证试验。

 协助在第三方实验室进行电磁兼容试验。

 维护EMC测试记录并跟踪项目运行状态。

 测试工具的维护与改善。

Job Requirements

Job requirement:

 At least more than six months, three days each week.

 Bachelor’s degree or above, major in electronics or automotive engineering related.

 Familiar with office software.


 至少工作六个月以上,每周工作三天以上。

 本科及以上学历,电子类或汽车工程等相关专业。

 熟练使用办公软件。

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