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Continental Facility Supervisor in Shanghai Jiading Tech Center, China

Facility Supervisor

Shanghai Jiading Tech Center


Job Description

Main Tasks 主要职责

  1. Manage and maintain all the facilities and equipment are in good condition and run smoothly by walkaround check, regular check and inspection;

  2. Responsible for special equipment management to comply with laws; Schedule and implement regular maintenaces, inspections and certifications on facilities and equipment to ensure all the internal/external regulartions are always fulfilled;

  • Implement company property loss prevention procedure include fire prevention to meet the requirement of laws and FM global;

  • Organize and implement daily and weekly preventive maintenance;

  • Coordinate with other departments, who are the end user of the facilities, provides technical advices and services to other departments;

  1. Be responsible for handling of end user maintenance or service requests and feedbacks on time;

  2. Management of interanl and exteranl facility management and service team(typically includs Facility Technicians, Cleaners and Guards);

  3. Procurement and management of faicility related materials, equpment, spare parts and services;

  4. Support EHS, Corporate Security, IT and othe central functions on the site;

  5. Support Facility Manager on new building or renovation projects, budgeting and cost tracking and facility related reports;

  6. Support Facility Manager to identify lean opportunity and drive facility utilization and cost reduction projects.

Job Requirements

Job Requirement:

  1. Education: College Degree or above in Construction, Facility Management or related

  2. Work exterience: at least 5 year work experience and more than 3 years work experience in Facility Management or construction industry

  3. Computer skills: be familar to MS-office tools, can use AutoCAD to make 2D drawings

  4. Language: can read English documents and can speak English and write English emails for communication

  5. Expectations for plus: 1) construction project management experience; 2) leading team experience.

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Facility Management




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