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Continental Manager of Driving Functions in Shanghai Jiading Tech Center, China

Manager of Driving Functions

Shanghai Jiading Tech Center


Job Description

  1. Recuiting, Setup organization/process up to 50 people

  2. Develop Driving Function engineering capability in China Tech Center

  3. Build up the knowhow in Driving Function application project (AEB, ACC, LKA, TJA, etc) and function development (SW,Intergration, Functional Safety ISO 26262, etc)

  4. Develop/apply local/global tooling team and processes"

  5. Coordinate the team cross function and cross region to acquire new Driving Function system businesses

  6. Conduct technical presentations to OEMs for new business pursuits

  7. Support to complete technical quotation/proposal

  8. Lead periodical program reviews with OEMs"

  9. Deliver the Driving Function development projects

  10. Bring forward the System Level 1 System Archtecture, System Requirement, and Function Safety related workproducts

  11. Develop and adapt Driving Function to the reqirements of Chinese end users and traffic situation based on the COEM requirements"

  12. Market and customer requirements analysis for Div. C&S products and Driving Function systems

  13. Definition of specific Chassis & Safety related products and systems requirements based on collected Information internally and from Chinese market "

Job Requirements

  1. Master Degree or above, major in automobile, mechanics, or electronic

  2. 2 years on Drive Assistance System, >5 years Automotive Engineering

  3. 5 years Project experience, preferred in multiple chassis and safety domains (e.g. ADAS,electronic brake systems)

  4. 2 year Team Leadership

  5. Experience with either multinational project teams or multifunctional projects

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Autonomous Mobility and Safety (AMS)