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Continental マーケットインテリジェンス&プライシング Market Intelligence & Pricing in Shinagawa, Japan

マーケットインテリジェンス&プライシング Market Intelligence & Pricing



Job Description

  • 最新の市場および競争情報でマネジメントの決定及びマーケティングインテリジェンスによる販売戦略立案をサポートする。

  • 競合他社製品の価格や戦略的な価格ポジショニングなど、市場価格設定に関するインテリジェンスを通じて、アフターマーケットタイヤの価格戦略、コンセプト、ポジショニングを確立させ、さらに オペレーションの最適化による付加価値を上げるために必要なプロセスとツールの確立させる。


▪ 定期的な顧客フィードバック調査により、市場情報に関する社内外の顧客のニーズを理解し、さまざまな顧客向けに市場情報更新

▪ BU本社のマーケティングインテリジェンスに市場情報ニュースレターに日本のマーケット情報を提供

▪ 業界ニュースの収集とレポート


▪ 日本市場の価格設定メカニズムの理解

▪ 将来のビジネス開発を念頭に置いた価格設定ルールの策定・更新

▪ 価格ポリシーおよび顧客チャネルに応じたガイドラインの策定・更新

▪ 新規製品導入に伴う旧製品価格の見直し

▪ 製品カテゴリー別の競争価格戦略の設定および定期更新

▪ その他競合ベンチマーク活動やファイナンスからの価格設定、更新の提案

▪ 競合を含む、B2B / B2C価格調査と分析


▪ セグメント毎の価格ポジショニングの設定およびモニタリング(戦略的かつ実効可能な価格設定プロセスの導入)

▪ 競合ベンチマーク

▪ 市場のセグメント再定義、およびマネジメントへの戦略的提案


▪ 価格戦略に基づく価格リストの設定

▪ 市場変化に応じて採算性を確保したプロモーションやディスカウントを設計

▪ 価格リスト、プロモーション、ディスカウント条件等の顧客向けコミュニケーションをサポート


▪ 日本のマネジメント向けのプライシング業務のレポート業務

▪ コントローリングと協力し製品毎および製品ミックスの適正化によりをの採算性確保

▪ 本社の管理部門へのプライシング、マーケットインテリジェンスに関わるレポート業務

  • Support the management decision with last update market and competition information, further develop the marketing intelligence concept with more efficient sales supporting outcomes.

  • Establish for PLT Japan pricing strategy, concept and structure through intelligence and insights on market pricing incl. competitors' pricing and strategic pricing positioning, installing process and tools required in order to add/create value through profit optimization.

▪ Define the regular marketing intelligence databank update procedure

▪ Regular update the marketing intelligence databank by actively contact with external consulting agency

▪ Further develop the marketing intelligence databank with the target of more efficient data checking and data accuracy by good initiative understanding of the internal and external customer needs

▪ According to the customer needs add new elements and functions for the marketing intelligence databank

▪ Understand the internal and external customers needs about the market information by regular customer feedback survey, develop the monthly market information update system for different internal and external customers to support their daily business

▪ Provide input to center marketing intelligence for regular market information news letter

▪ Filing and highlight the industrial news

▪ Model the marketing intelligence information and train internal and external customers by section to help them utilize the marketing intelligence tool and output

▪ Update and further develop the marketing intelligence knowledge tool for increasing internal and external customers' daily business efficiency

▪ Breakdown the market information to province/city level and niche market for customers

▪ Understanding and Transparency of Pricing systems of markets

▪ Installing pricing system development from current to the future appropriate to support the business development

▪ Understanding and Installing customer-related pricing policies and implementation guidelines

▪ Pricing for New Product lines and Repositioning for Old ones if necessary

▪ Pricing for different segments (Strategy and Tactics and Process to implement)

▪ Competitive Pricing through Benchmark to competitors' product lines and their development

▪ Observe and active Recommendation in regards of development and perspectives

▪ Implement agreed pricing strategies and set up well structured price list.

▪ Monitor market situation and business development.

▪ Propose promotion schemes according to market situation and supply conditions while complying budget and profit guidelines.

▪ Communicate pricelist and promotion announcement to distributors, retailers and end consumers.

▪ Install necessary pricing reports to PLT Japan management team and BU

▪ Manage and steer the product profitability and product mix in close co-operation with controlling

▪ Support BU functions to work out relevant pricing reports

▪ Research and deliver analysis on pricing movements and trends incl. competitors' pricing

▪ Competition-oriented pricing strategies

▪ Competitors' pricing through benchmark with other product lines and their developments

▪ Cost development tracking in coordination with Controlling, active proposal of pricing changes/increases

Job Requirements

  • Strong statistic knowledge / excellent analytical skills.

Statistic software and databank software knowledge & skills (excel / SAP)

  • Customer oriented mindset, business knowledge about RE tire or Aftermarket Automotive industries

  • Project management experience in market research/data survey is a PLUS

  • Leadership experience in project team is a PLUS

  • Experience in cooperation with external customers and agency.

  • Good Japanese & English communication skill, fluent in spoken and writing business English

  • Multi-national company working or cooperation experience

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