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Continental ESH Engineer in China

ESH Engineer


Job Description

▪ Implement and maintain a local ESH Management System according to OHSAS18001 & ISO14001.

▪ Build up a local safety System based on divisional Management Manual.

▪ Develop and maintain local ESH standard in the field of Machine Safety, Occupational safety and Fire Prevention and Protection.

▪ Support the establishment of a safety culture within the plant by developing and providing appropriate tools and methods(e.g. hazard analysis and evaluation, exposure analysis and evaluation ,job safety analysis and evaluation) to prevent and analyze deviations or unsafe conditions.

▪ Accomplish accident research and report, track and push the corrective and preventive actions

▪ Assist to organize drills, including fire drill, spill drill, work-related injury drill and etc. ▪ Strengthen emergency response capability of both ERT and the other resource.

▪ Implement annual ESH training to long-term service contractors

▪ Develop and fulfill contractor ESH performance evaluation plan

▪ Keep contractor relevant records, including certificate, work permit, training records, accidents report and etc.

▪ Regular perform compliance monitoring in the field of applicable permits and regulations and prepare evidence of such activities.

▪ Develop,implement and maintain an internal emergency organization(First Aid,Fire Prevention and Protection)

▪ Assist on compling, updating training materials

▪ Provide trainings to employees of different functions ▪ Track effectiveness of trainings, and push training improvement ▪ Keep frequent, effective communication with employees on site about ESH objectives, procedures, standards and etc. to emphasize ESH awareness

▪ Collect, update, record, recognize and evaluate legal requirements ▪ Make and implement action plan to fix non-compliance

▪ Keep close contact with Property Loss and Business Interruption Insurance(FM Global),safety bureau technical supervision branch and other interested parties.

Job Requirements

Fundamental knowledge in ESH regulations and technology (especially: waste management, risk analysis, occupational health)

Fundamental knowledge in emergency organization and management (fire prevention and protection, spill control).

Education on Management Systems (ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001,ISO5001)

Bachelor Degree in Environmental Engineering, Safety Engineering, Chemical Engineering or Environmental Science or equivalent

At least 2 years of professional industry experience (preferably automotive) in two of the following topics: ESH Management Systems (development, implementation), Auditing (Compliance, System), Safety Inspection and Approval of Machines, Fire Protection and Prevention, Occupational Risk Assessment (Job Safety Analysis).

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