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Continental PPI Engineer in China

PPI Engineer


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  1. 依据报价信息和工厂的过程能力和效率,检查零件的制造的可行性,提供报价用工艺流程和参数,工装设备信息等

Based on plant capability and efficiency, check feasibility of product, provide process flow and parameter, tooling and investment for RFQ, according to the input from customer team.

  1. 根据项目开发节点和预算,采购、放行、转移项目投产所需的芯棒、检具、工装夹具等

Procurement and release and transfer of new tooling for new project according to the project timing and budget.

  1. 依据标准,作为项目转化的工厂协调人,完成零件相关的量产前的内部测试和项目转交

Acting as P.I.C, to perform product specific testing and start-up of production process and pre-series production (e.g. ensure run@rate) and handover to production (series) according to standards

  1. 创建或更新零件相关文件(如过程流程图,PFMEA,作业指导书,SAP路径), 并培训生产和相关人员

Creation or update of product specific parameter and document(process flow chart, PFMEA, WI, SAP routing), provide training to the operators.

  1. 优化改进产品生产工装工艺,支持质量问题的解决,以消除客户抱怨或降低报废率,

Improve and optimize production process/toolings to solve quality issues to reduce customer complaints and reject rate.

  1. 主管指派的其他任务。

Carries out any other duties assigned by the supervisor.

Job Requirements

  1. 大学或以上学历,机械相关背景。

College degree or above with mechanical background.

  1. 制造型企业,3年以上新产品导入或者工艺工程工作经验。

At least 3 years’ experience in NPI or process engineering in manufacturing company.

  1. 良好的英语水平。

Fluent in oral English and good written English.

  1. 有工装模具设计验收方面的经验

Experience in tooling concept design and release

  1. 有项目管理或APQP项目的经历

Experience in project management or APQP project.

  1. 能亲身实践,制定决策,解决问题的能力。

Handle on-line practice, trouble shooting and problem solving skills.

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