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Continental System Architecure in Italy

System Architecure


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He/She develops “System product” taking care of System Requirements, Architecture, Function Development, Design, Simulation, Testing, etc.

  • Match the platform system architecture to the application specific requirements.

  • Identify the differences between the platform system architectural design and the needed system architecture of the application.

  • Trigger and moderate the technical alignment with the responsible platform architect to decide if the application specific architecture or the platform architecture must be updated.

  • Verify that the dynamic and static behavior of system elements in the application specific design are equal to the expected ones

  • Ensure and create the traceability between system requirements, system architecture and system integration tests.

  • Allocate the system architectural components to the development domains in close alignment with the representatives of each domain.

  • Ensure consistency between the system architectural design, system requirements, component level design and component level requirements.

  • Support in defining and detailing application system design related processes and workflows.

  • Report the technical system design project status to the Sys-PM.

Job Requirements

Knowledge and experience in the system and software requirements management discipline

Knows application, application areas and technical characteristics of the system and products

Knowledge about SW safety and SW development processes

Knowledge about SW integration, SW configuration, build-, problem resolution & change Management

2-3 years of experience in automotive system and Software development or comparable preparatory training

Knowledge and experience in project management and leadership, ability to assert himself and acceptance of the project participants. Ability to organize, to mediate and communicate

Ability to shape process workflows for the system and software requirement management

Ability to recognize requirements specification dependencies

Understands the architecture principles and different abstraction levels

Experience in the use of requirements engineering tools

Systematic approach, capability of abstraction

Good written and spoken English is mandatory

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Autonomous Mobility and Safety (AMS)