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Continental Payment Applications Analyst in Philippines

Payment Applications Analyst


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The Payment Applications Analyst is responsible for applying customer remittance data to clear open receivables, resolving remittance exceptions that the banks were unable to apply, and verifying that at all posted cash matches the bank deposits. This position supports the Accounts Receivable Team Lead in supervising and guiding Payment Application Associates.

"▪ Reconcile all bank transmissions of lockbox data daily to ensure all bank accounts are balanced to zero

▪ Provide a defined reason for the out of balance condition


"▪ Set up residuals according to the Residual Short Text Description Guide

▪ Print remit detail of the bank’s remittance exceptions and resolve payment application issues.

▪ Apply and record “unapplied cash” to customer accounts. ▪ Retrieve remittance information from the address, move it the appropriate customer folder, and apply to open receivables when the payment is received. • Retrieve EFT, ACH, wire remittance information received and input and process remittances against customer accounts and invoices. • Check and Monitor NSFs and refunds and coordinate this to the collector assigned • Process and post of intercompany payments"

"▪ Audit back up of residual set up by Payment Application Associates to ensure accuracy and completeness in the absence of Accounts Receivable Team Lead

▪ Forward documentation and data on unidentified deductions and overpays to the appropriate collector for resolution

▪ Forward audited residual back up and documentation to Residual Team ▪ Prepare debit and credit memos as necessary to resolve tax exceptions and submit for approval ▪ Maintenance of AR Mailbox ▪ Invoice Releasing"

"▪ Complete month end reports (FS10 screenshots of AR GLs) to Accounts Receivable Team Lead

▪ Prepare and send daily cash receipt reports

▪ Prepare sales tax report "

"▪ Conduct and facilitate Payment Applications Training to new associates and provide support to other department as required

▪ Assist Payment Application Associates for any questions related to posting and residual set up

▪ Forward errors reported by collectors and residual team to payment applications associate, provide information for better understanding of the errors and how to avoid these in the future. "

"▪ Debit Credit Report Processing

▪ Run YRSI for any possible offsets

▪ Process Offset and Write Off Request sent to Offset Mailbox"

Job Requirements

Bachelors Degree or equivalent work experience

At least 3yrs Experience in Payment Applications or Order to Cash Processes

Experience in Accounts Receivable process improvements Proficient in using SAP preferred Proficient in using Microsoft Office Suite , Preferred but not required

Atleast one year experience in BPO or shared services, preferred but not required.

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