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Continental SQM Manager in Philippines

SQM Manager


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1) REVENUE: 1a) Assure best Quality of the manufactured products for satisfaction of Continental customers and support the achievement of the revenue target. 1b)Execution of Quality/Productivity and do proactive feedback for any gap 2) PROFIT: 2a) Implement robust process controls to prevent defects, scrap, NCC to achieve the profit target. 2b) Lead and organize team that analyzes process control data and take appropriate decisions for improvement. 2c) Suppport in the Collection of the supplier related Non conformance Cost (NCC) thru SCB Process. 3) STARTEGY/PLANNING 3a)Establish Quality strategy to achieve the targets aligned with Company goals and objectives. 3b) Analyze the context of organization by reviewing past performances, perform risk assessment versus company goals and objectives. 3c) Define key focus areas, measurables, targets and identify projects that will impact the achievement of KPI's. 3d) Deploy agreed Quality strategy to all interested parties. 3e) Plan for resources via the regular budget process. 3f)Introduce and maintain a Supplier Quality Management System, Measures and Improvement Activities to ensure the required quality of the supplied parts and services

4) NEW BUSINESS/PRODUCT/TECHNOLOGY 4a) Review New Product launch projects up to Series Production release and safe-launch activities. 4b) Introduce and maintain a Supplier Quality Management System, Measures and Improvement Activities to ensure the required quality of the supplied parts and services

4c) Be abreast on New technologies related to Quality topics.

5) QUALITY/PRODUCTIVITY 5a) Employ Continental Quality System to assure all related processes meets the requirements of International Standards and Customer, and improving the system whenever necessary in a lean approach. 5b) Manage and promote effective use of quality tools, processes and systems to support customer quality requirements. 5c) Lead the organization in the execution of Change Management Control (CCB) procedure for. 5d) Provide quality engineering services to achieve quality targets of products shipped and ensure compliance to quality systems. 5e) Initiates in driving Suppliers towards zero defect through collaborative efforts with multi-disciplinary Team. 5f) Ensure continuous supply chain to meet production demands through Risk Assessment review and implementation of Containment action from both Supplier and Continental Plant side.

5g) Support in improvement activities, data system and improvement process of all supplier quality-related processes, guidelines and tools through internal audits, on-site assessments, and bench marking and best practice sharing programs. 5h) Manage and promote effective use of quality tools, processes, and systems to support customer quality requirement. Support Development of Quality Management System and ensure compliances. Develop and continuously improve the Supplier Quality Systems to ensure systems are in place to prevent process and product excursions.

6) EXTERNAL/INTERNAL RELATIONS: 6a) Maintain and expand the business partnership with customers, suppliers and other interested parties. 6b) Understand customer requirements and deliver accordingly. 6c) Gain customer's trust through on-time response and transparent communication. 6d) Closely monitor raw material performances and ensure quick responses to issues and timely submission of 8D reports. 7) TALENT DEVELOPMENT 7a) Develop and maintain a competent and knowledgeable Quality team to fulfill and exceed their tasks to keep and continuously improve the Quality performance of the corporation. 7b) Actualize Skill Needs Assessment (SNA) of team members towards the desired competency level. 7c) Regularly review and improve the SNA 8) ORGANIZATION BUILDING/SUPPORT: 8a) Engaging and directing the organization towards Quality First Mindset in a multicultural environment. 8b) Develop, maintain and implement effective quality solutions to meet customer expectation. 8c) Spearhead Quality programs like Quality Month, Quality Basic Training, Quality Awards

9) ENVIRONMENT/CSR: 9a) Promote Core Values and Malasakit culture through active involvement in Company activities. 9b) Initiate Malasakit activities. 9c) Participate in Human Relations in their CSR and GWP activities

10) OTHERS: Perform other tasks that may be assigned by the Supervisor

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Bachelor Science of Engineering: Electrical, Electronics and Communications, Mechanical, Chemical, Industrial, Computer, Materials

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